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"The care taken to explore political pressures, social systems, conformity, and criminality was really sharp and well-considered... a highly accomplished work of dystopian fiction." - Readers' Favorite (Full review)

"The author... weaves a story pulling from today's headlines and political unrest ...It is engaging and horrifying at the same time... The narrator... delivers a smooth and sharp performance capturing and projecting the personality of each character in vivid detail. - Audio Book Reviewer.com (Full review)

"The various twists in this story are what makes it such a thrilling read... It's a great mix of classic dystopian and suspense... a must read book for sure." - Starred Review - Love Reading (Full review)

"Several plots are seamlessly interwoven, each character's story melding with the others in sometimes unexpected ways... A fascinating near-future sci-fi tale filled with murder, daring escapes, and a search for a long-lost son that will keep readers entranced." 7.75 out of 10 - BookLife Prize(Full review)

"A Brilliantly Nuanced Dystopian Thriller... a rich tapestry of ideas, character development and compelling character arcs." - Best Thrillers (Full review)

"A spirited cast brightens this gripping, densely packed dystopian tale... The author excels at worldbuilding.Our Verdict: Get it." - Kirkus Reviews (Full review)

"Loved it! The story was gripping, with the reader not knowing which direction the tale would take and being kept in constant fear for Haven. In all, an excellent read." - Reedsy, Discovery (Full review)

"The post-apocalyptic narrative borders on allegorical, for a powerfully written literary warning. Further strengthening the prose is Fragoules' masterful ear for dialogue, as well as her clear fluency in social, political, ecological, and philosophical issues, both current and imminent, resulting in a prescient and engrossing work of speculative fiction." - SPR (Full review)

"The book brings to life a masterfully detailed array of characters with diverse viewpoints that establish an intricately harrowing reality...in a class of its own." - Book Excellence

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